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This is a comic with nudity and sexual scenes! Adults only.


In the prequel Almost Human, a romp with two androids helped Nathan heal old wounds and he starts getting his game back.  Eilish, the hot Orion gal on the station immediately picks up on this, and decides to invite him over with her new friend Mimi for some drinks.  This time, Nate is not completely oblivious to the hints she’s dropping and with a few pointers from an android he delves deeply where no man has gone before!  Like Almost Human, this is another huge set weighing in at 205 4K images but rendered with newer hardware and at a higher quality.


Rendered in beautiful 4K UltraHD!

Almost Human Mojo Rising

SKU: Gator3D_006
  • All versions zipped into one file for download.  Each resolution includes a version with and without text.


    Total - 539 MB

    1920x1080 with and without text - 127 MB (size of both)

    3840x2160 with and without text - 412 MB (size of both)

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