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This is a comic with nudity and sexual scenes! Adults only.


Achievement Unlocked: Beast Mode


Jayda is working hard to get in shape for a bikini competition, but needs some coaching to help her get into contest shape. The owner recommends his son Lucas to help train her, but she has quite a crush on him and had other plans. Relatively inexperienced in the bedroom, she’s in for a big surprise when she sees him – but she’s in for an even bigger surprise when they are discovered getting’ it on. A beast in the gym, she learns that she’s a beast in the bedroom getting double stuffed!


Rendered to 10000 samples/iterations this set delivers crisp, clear 4K images!

Closing Time

SKU: Gator3D_003
  • All versions zipped into one file for download.  Each resolution includes a version with and without text.

    Total - 466 MB

    1920x1080 - 136 MB

    3840x2160 - 330 MB

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