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This is a comic with nudity and sexual scenes! Adults only.


Elven hottie sisters Aluren and Imogen are on break from school and back at the castle for a little downtime from their magic studies. Their long time human friend Lucian is also there, and they stay up late to catch up. But when they grab mom’s special blend of Elf drank, they drink too much which has them headed to the bedroom in no time. Overdosed and without an antidote, there is no choice but for a long night bedroom activities to get it out of their systems!


Rendered to 10000 samples/iterations this set delivers crisp, clear 4K images!

Fairy Tales - Elven Schoolgirls

SKU: Gator3D_004
  • All versions zipped into one file for download.  Each resolution includes a version with and without text.

    Total - 547 MB

    1920x1080 - 174 MB

    3840x2160 - 373 MB

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